This is a big week for my son……and for me!

Peter (11) leaves Junior school on Wednesday – only 2.5 days to go (he keeps telling me…)!

Last week was the culmination of weeks of work and preparation for the Year 6 production “Dear Edwina”.

This is not just an ordinary school production but one that was at an incredibly high standard  – I was shocked at how good it was. (thanks to Ms Luka and Mrs Wicks).

I had the opportunity to do the shoot at the dress rehearsal of the children, not only capture the story but also the characters individuals were playing.  This has now gone online for parents to view and buy prints and for the school to have the images and 10% of the sales.

Peter first went to Alexandra school in north Kingston and then the transition to the Junior (St Pauls) next door.  Both schools have been fabulous!  I had the priviledge to shoot the prospectus/website images which are going live soon and to see the children at school enjoying learning and being happy was such a thrill for me as a parent.

So why am I talking about this….well I am reminiscing…The images that you see are of children who Peter has know since they were 2 years of age when they first met at Oranges and Lemons nursery 9 years ago…. where on earth has that time gone?  Can I also mention it isn’t just the relationships with the children but also the parents as Sally-Anne, Polly and Sarah have been wonderful friends of mine and hope that will continue as the children move on…

The image above is of Peter as Farmer Gerry in the year 6 production.

The young man in green is Zac, boy in red – Charlie and of course there is Jessica!

Charlie is going off to another school but Zac and Jessica are going to Teddington school with Peter in September – I am off to buy the uniform tomorrow!!

For all those parents whose children leaving Junior school this week….I know how you feel!  This is the start of something new and exciting for Peter and certainly a new chapter for me.

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