I can’t believe where the last month has gone?  Don’t you agree? So, I know this post is a little overdue but part of me is pleased that I have another opportunity to revisit that day as it was not only special to William & Kate, the nation but also to me!

As a family we were glued to our seats (actually I was the one glued and wasn’t moving) watching the wedding of the century on television.  The whole Britishness of the event was so glorious and I certainly shed a tear to see true love….

I am blessed with wonderful friends around me.  This is not a cliche but truth and Alex is one of those friends who is incredibly hospitable and both Alex and her husband James just love to bring people together.  We have known each other since our boys were 3 (now 11) and their friendship is a strong as ours.  We had been invited over to their home for the afternoon to share the day with them.

It was quite a gathering.  The pink sparkly stuff was flowing, boys playing football, men chatting about…..football and us ladies – well we just talked about everything and anything – as we do!

There was a street party down the road and I gatecrashed just for a few minutes to take a some shots and capture (hate that word….) the whole experience.  Amazing! Coming across other friends, sharing Champagne, fairy cakes, union jacks flapping in the wind, children with union jack faces and babes sitting in the gutter……. Loved it!

This was a very happy day in Annie’s world!

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