I have previously mentioned that I have visited Symi on a numerous of ocaisions and each time I vsit I take shots of doors…

It isn’t a new thing to do but this post is about doors..

I do find it quite odd that the most appealing, welcoming doors are the ones which belong to houses that are unhabited.  Symi has many new homes but the most beautiful in my view are the deserted ruins on the Kali Strata and in late afternoon light have a very special presence.

Yesterday, I walked all the way from Pedi beach to the harbour (1.5 hours) and took my time taking shots along the way.

There is a house on the Kali Strata which one day I would love to buy and restore…..I think everyone says that when they pass by as is so incredibly striking, majestic even if it is a ruin.

At home a door tells a story…the colour of my door is “French Grey” (Farrow & Ball …..darling) and very mifffed that three of my neighbours have adopted a similar colour…!?!?!   There is a great theory of  coluur for a front door but I love green/blue… what does that say about me?!?

Lots of fabulous images to come  – meeting up with friends from 19 years ago ….and  now their beautiful children

How much this vacation has been a blessing to me – oh my goodness me – I AM SO BLESSED!!!!

thank you to Michele, Frances, Yanis, Lena, Christina and Vassils (can’t spell)  for such a glorious day (images to follow)…..

Please do not copy for my copyright  – this is my life and my art!xx



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