I have been home now over a week but my aunt died so I haven’t felt it appropriate to finish off my posts of my time in Symi.

So, now the funeral was on Thursday and I am getting into talking about life again.

Here is my final post from Symi

I am fascinated by the taxi boats journeys and people watching on the boat.  Wondering which beach they are going to go to, how far have they got in their book, who is with who?

Back on Nanou, here is Percy (I named him that) the goat – the very naughty goat! He came up very close to me as I had his favourite food from me – Peaches!

This church was very near to my accommodation and so I walked over the pebbled church yard twice a day with the bougainvillea petals on the steps – one of things I loved to do was to sit and watch the patterns of light on the pebbles – morning light is very different to evening light.  I wonder how many generations have walked upon these pebbles, what were their thoughts?

This is the end of my posts from Symi, it was a magical time for me as I had never been away on my own before so that took quite a bit of adjustment but it made me realise how blessed I am with my family as I missed them so.

I hope you have enjoyed the images as much as I did taking them!  If you have a chance to go to Symi on your travels – go….it is as very wonderful place.

Again these images are copyright Annie Armitage 2011 – All rights reserved. Please do not copy!

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