I am supposed to be on holiday but things keep cropping up to do and I can’t leave them be!  A bit too tenacious am I!

What with important strategic meetings in London (more of that in a few weeks time), a newborn baby shoot and a couple of presentations to clients this week I somehow don’t seem to know the word “no”.  But – I love my job!  I have my doubts from time to time as I am such a perfectionist and only want to to do the best I possibly can.

So, it has been a delight to go over my orders that are due to me from my suppliers and remembered that I haven’t mentioned this shoot?  But for the time being you will have to wait for this as I am officially “on holiday” you know! (ha ha!) but this image made me smile (actually laugh out loud!) of Minty and Jasper and I wanted to share it with you!

A family lifestyle shoot in Kingston upon Thames

The end of the shoot!

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