Retro Repunzals & Vintage Vixens event

Have I mentioned SisterSnog to you?

It is an unusual name isn’t it?

SisterSnog is one of the networking groups that I belong to and is described in the opening paragraph of the website

Sister Snog is a selective club. A tribe and a social network. Members are smart-sassy-brand-savvy business women. Directors. Decision makers and experts in their field. They’re entrepreneurs building empires or movers and shakers in the boardroom.

Sister Snog is the face of face-to-face marketing and hosts a calendar of sparkling business events where members connect, collaborate and explore business opportunities.”

Every so often I do a shoot of an event and I chose this one!  Oh my goodness what fun! All the ladies had to where a fascinator (something to draw the eye – on the head) and after a few glasses of pink prosecco have a lesson in how to play the ukulele!  Everybody really embraced this even though the tips of their fingers were quite sore afterwards!

Here are a selection of the fascinators – Ruthie’s is incredibly dramatic and Tigzy’s cherries were outstanding!!! Gosh I had such fun shooting…..wasn’t on a schedule of capture this or that – just the brief to do what I do!  …..which i did! Hurrah!

Here are some more images of the sisters with ukuleles….

Hela and Annie are at the forefront of Sister Snog and they are amazing women, full of encouragement and support and most of all they have inspirational mad ideas which I LOVE!!!  They are in the montage just above in the top left!

Finally Ruthie and Sarah gave a performance and what talented ladies they are!!

Hope you have enjoyed these images as much as I enjoyed shooting them…. I LOVE MY JOB!


These images are coprighted to Annie Armitage 2011 – Do not copy…

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