The first boat to Nanou beach left the harbour at 10:00 and I just had enough time for a cappuccino, buy water and fresh peaches (which the goats devoured – more on that another time….)

Leaving the harbour is terribly emotional  – even if it is for a such a short while as it is a wrench…. I love it here – I hate to leave it


There is only so much you can say about a beach – most of it I have shot today… no people but goats, Greek salad and pebbles.

People will come later!

I was going to talk about goats!  Particularly the one I have named “Percy” but that can wait as at this point in time I am quite taken with pebbles!

My facebook profile image is one of me holding pebbles on Nanou beach from last year which I subsequently gave to a friend in need as they are wonderful “worry stones”.  Just placing them in the palms of your hand and running them through your fingers is so calming.  I think that my friend appreciated them at the time?  A year ago today I gave them to him and think a year later looking back they were a sign of friendship that would help carry him through…I hope they served their purpose…

Well I am here again on the hunt for new stones – call it the X factor auditions for new pebbles!

When you are on a beach people look at the sea, the sky, the sand  – if there is no sand and just pebbles – they curse!

I LOVE PEBBLES!  (but I have jelly shoes – ha ha!)

Here are the images of the reason why! My artistic impression of pebbles!


These images are copyrighted to Annie Armitage 2011 – all rights reserved – do not copy!!! Thank you!


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