I am in Greece!  Hurrah!  Well actually on a Greek island called Symi nestling in Greek waters…

This is not my first time ..actually this is my 6th visit in the last 19 years.

I am here without my family to have time to rest, plan for my business and  have a wonderful passionate affair with my camera!  My family do despair of me when we are away as my camera comes too and it is very demanding!  Too demanding in fact- so I am here to give it my attention – not to work for anyone else but me!  To be inspired, to see things differently and get myself in a frame of mind that is strong with all the work that is ahead of me in the run into Christmas.

I am listening to Adele at the moment  – keep telling myself not to do so as I do become slightly maudlin but I love her voice and passion…

So today ……04:30     love that…sounds better than 4.30am so much more official… I have to have some reason to make that time in the  morning feel better than it actually was.

Gatwick airport was interesting….  £70 excess backage was a bitter pill to swallow  – no point blaming anyone – I should have checked my baggage allowance and they were kind to allow more than double the weight of hand  luggage than I should have taken…… THERE WAS NO WAY THAT MY 17 ” MACBOOK PRO AND CANON 24-70MM 2.8 L WAS GOING IN THAT HOLD!!!!!!!!!!

THERE……all calm now.

Rhodes old town is a medieval walled city and after all these years I  have never had a chance to fully explore as it usually it is a quick stop off to have a draught beer and then go the Kolona harbour to get the catamaran express to Symi.

Now, this is more like it! Here comes my camera! Hurrah!

I just observed what was going on around me really – people watching is fascinating!

Enjoy my take on waiting for the catamaran to arrive and the hustle and bustle of the harbour…..

More to come tomorrow with shots from Nanou beach and my new friends – the goats!


Images copyright Annie Armitage 2011 do not copy – All rights reserved.


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