It was Jessica’s birthday on the 1st June and one of her presents was to have a photography shoot in the park with me and for her to bring 3 friends along (including her sister Natalie).  It was a family thing too as Nikki (Jessica and Natalie’s mum) came along too for her headshot shoot!

The girls love Jack Wills clothes and love the style of the brochure so my aim was to create a style which would encorporate reportage and the look and feel of teenagers just having fun but combining this with individual portraits.

They brought a couple of changes of clothes and accessories and they changed after each section of the shoot.  It took in total around 2.5 hours!

We had such fun!  I loved this shoot and I am now offering this “country” teen shoot with my urban ones which take place in around the quiet streets in Kingston upon Thames.

This is a just a sneaky peak of the images as I am yet to finish editing from the photography shoot but had to share them with you as I have been very excited about them!


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