Although my son Peter is now 11, I still love the opportunity to hold a baby.  There is nothing like a little snuffling sound in one’s ear…… it seems like yesterday and so I am glad that I treasured those times.

When I am commissioned for a baby photography shoot I usually think – what can I do differently this time that is going to be unique and artistic?

I love Theo’s hair!  I did focus on it quite a bit !  But it has now grown so long that it has flattened and is no longer a mohican…

When I arrived at Kerry’s house it had been pouring down with rain but the light was beautiful throughout the house.

We started the shoot in the downstairs room as it was filled with light and then we moved the rest of the shoot to the spare bedroom as the light was at its best in the house.


I have been so thrilled with these images and many thanks to Kerry for her hospitality and the great cups of tea!!

Copyright – Annie Armitage 2011 – Do not copy

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