I am on holiday  – ha ha – I should be in a non wifi area – this is yet to come but not until October when we go to Antigua for a week away with no television, wifi – just sun, sea, beach and laughter….

but in the meantime my holiday at home….I CAN’T LEAVE MY BUSINESS ALONE!

I am a passionate creative and I am not going to make excuses for it but I do find it incredibly uplifting when clients have either had a viewing or had their final products and given me positive feedback… I don’t have a “boss” to tell me that I am doing ok or have an appraisal situation –  so customer feedback to me is so so important.

Here are some wonderful encouraging words that I have had this evening:-

“I have been meaning to contact you since Cliff picked the order up from you. The final frames look fantastic – even better than I possiblly imagined. You have really captured the boys and they look just beautiful. I cant stop looking at them especially the multi aperture one.Thank you so much”

Here is the shoot that was featured


“Hi Annie! Just to let you know that Nick love the framed photos…he’s currently busy putting them up excitedly! Thank you again!”


And finally, a viewing I did on Monday and the images went online this evening for the family and friends to view – here is what Danielle texted me tonight:-

“Hey Annie, thanks!  Just having a look over them again..They are all so great I don’t know how we are going to pick out the rest of our order”

Danielle and Sean were given a Father’s day present by Sean’s mother, Caroline  of the family shoot.  I will feature this shoot later on but this is their favourite image so far…..

Danielle, Sean & Honour

So  a big thank you to all my clients who let me know that what I have done for them has moved them – it is important for me to know that.

Thank you too to fellow photographers and “likes” on my facebook page www.facebook.com/anniearmitagephotography as your encouragement means so much to me!

These images are copyright Annie Armitage 2011

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