A photographer has to have that gift for catching the moment: that laugh, smile, or personality, or the way in which love is expressed through looks between family members. Family photography should be about relaxing, laughing and having fun while your photographer takes a varied range of lifestyle shots.

As parents you’ll want to take photographs of your child or children as they grow up. Time passes quickly, especially it seems, when you’re a parent with young children. Those teenage years will strike sooner than you think, so it’s good to get some official shots taken when they’re still young, before their early youth has passed you by.

Feeling comfortable and relaxed in front of the lens is not always easy, especially if you’re not used to being professionally photographed, but if you’re looking for a family photographer within the London and Surrey area, then look to Annie Armitage.

Annie looks to create photographs which you can enjoy looking at for many years to come. Photographs for your walls and for your precious family albums.

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