I had the opportunity to do a family lifestyle photography shoot a few weeks ago of Clare, Nick and William in a local park and as you can see I was blessed to have a very good looking family!

I met Clare and Nick last year and they paid for a shoot then as they realised that time was moving on very quickly and that they needed to capture William at this stage.  My clients say to me that they are so so pleased that they finally get around to booking me for a  shoot – this is something I hear time and time again and I must reinforce – another year does go by and then another and then another and then they are teenagers!  Document those moments now!

I was amazed that Clare and Nick was so calm as it was the day before they were moving into their new home at Twickenham!

The first part of the shoot took place in the park and we had the most amazing wildlife that came up to us.  A very curious squirrel kept following us around and William was excited by this.  William then ran up and down a little mound over and over again, sat on a branch of a low laying willow tree and finally running off towards a favourite den.

There were a few group shots to start with but within a very short space of time William was off! (it is a boy thing)  Although I have a plan for a shoot this is dependent on the child on the day and we had some very wonderful group shots later on in the shoot!  The second part took place in Clare’s parents home and the light from the full length doors leading to the garden was so fabulous and some of my favourite shots from the shoot took place in the living room.

Clare and Nick came for their viewing just over a week a ago and they have chosen a multiframe design with a montage of images and a framed group shot.


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