So what is a B’nai Mitzvah you may be asking? I was asking too!  It is twins – and I had the privilege to be asked to be the photographer for not only the rehearsal (I wouldn’t been able to shoot the actual ceremony as it was held on the Sabbath), but also the family lifestyle shoot as well as the party!  I can’t cover all that in one blog so I am starting with the rehearsal!

Theo and Sam are the now men in question and the rehearsal took place a week before the event in July.

I have never been to a synagogue before so for me I was seeing all this for the first time and was loving being creative!

Sylvia and Richard have 4 children Theo and Sam are the eldest, Jonah is next and last but no means least Nathan (who makes me smile everytime I see his image as he is always smiling!).  Sylvia had some wonderful ensembles but this one in particular with the hat was stunning! See also the following images of Nathan and Jonah

The next part of the rehearsal for Sam and Theo to give an introductory speech about becoming a man and what that means particularly within the Jewish faith.

The scrolls were then brought out which I found to be quite moving.  Theo and Sam have really worked hard on their lessons with Stuart and I was terribly impressed the way that these young men were reading Hebrew – so amazing!  I do love this shot of Sam btw!

Finally, here are some more detail shots….

More to come over the next few days on THE party!

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