Well this was a very fun photography shoot!

I had met Rowena and Cliff about 2 years ago and they expressed that they would love to have a photography shoot of the children while they are still small……..18 months later I bump into Rowena and said “you need to book this shoot soon!” and she did last December and it took place around 5 weeks ago.  At the viewing of the images they were so thrilled that they finally got round to booking me and that it was such a great thing to do!

We started the shoot in a local park and Archie had his dinosaur with him and we were looking for dinosaur eggs amongst the logs – we did find some which was terribly exciting.

Zac was building a den and moving huge pieces of wood which were bigger than him!

We were blessed to have such great weather that day as the following day was a complete washout!

The second part of the shoot took place at home but the wall presentation products they chose for their home featured the story of the outside shoot.




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