It isn’t everyday one is commissioned by someone in Switzerland but I thought it was going to be a fabulous opportunity to be part of a wonderful surprise.

I was contacted by Kathleen who wanted to give her very good friend a gift that you couldn’t buy on the highstreet – a family portrait of Adela’s 4 chidren.

It was top secret!

Easter holiday…

I was given code green when the au pair called me to say Adela had gone to work.

My brief from Kathleen was to get a family group but as she had commissioned for the shoot I continued to do as I always do!  Didn’t skip on this one!  Couldn’t just turn up – take a shot and leave!  So glad that I didn’t!

The children Hester, Henry, Charlie and Toby were so helpful – Toby was a giggler though!

Here are the images from the shoot!  The one above was chosen by Kathleen which I had framed for her and met her when she came over for the surprise lunch for her dear friend.  We met in Selfridges for a cup of tea and it was great to hear the next day that the present was a great success!!! Job done!

You may be wondering why there are no images in colour? I did show many images but Adela came for a separate viewing and her album is in completely black and white which shows the story of the shoot beautifully.


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