Portraits in the Park and when the sessions take place

My Portraits in the Park sessions can take place at any time of year but I usually advise that the best times are between March and end of October or first week in November.  I believe that it doesn’t matter that in early spring there are no leaves on the trees as I can still create images which are memorable and atmospheric.

I met Maxine at one of the schools in Kew at a Christmas fair and we arranged to have the shoot in March – weather permitting!  As part of my service I send a detailed PDF with guidelines on what to wear and on this occasion l loved how everyone came together in the mix of blues but I particularly loved Maxine’s coat as it was a glorious red which really just added a flash of colour.

Children having fun not just portraits

When I first started the Portraits in the park session 5 nearly 6 years ago they were only meant to be feature portraits but they developed into something so much more.  I really encourage the families to have fun so a memory is created. Clients often say to me that they were so surprised that they actually enjoyed the sessions and as you can see here the girls had such fun balancing on logs, running, laughing and twirling around and around.

two teenage sisters playing in the park by balancing on a log and laughing together the images are in black and white

a teenage girl wearing a parka coat with the hood up in colour and black and white and also an image of the blonde girl standing by a silver birch tree

The dark haired teenage girl laughing in the park in black and white and a colour image of the same girl wearing her blue coatThe portraits that I take capture a mixture of emotions whether a more serious portrait or being entertained by parents off camera.  I try to show all aspects of a child’s character.Blonde teenager with long hair looking down

a dark haired teenager on a park photography session with her dark hair cascading and looking down

The sisters on a park family photography session cuddling each other with the parents in the background

Family being together in photographs for me is so important. This lovely family was so at ease with me in front of the camera but so often I have parents who don’t want to be in the shots and just have images of the children.  I try to explain that actually the pictures are for the children in the years ahead as a memory of their childhood so to have the family shots is really important.

This family at their viewing of the images in their home bought a cluster of wall art from my Corelli range, fine art mounted prints and also a Rossini book showing the story of the shoot.  They were a delight to photograph and I had such a fabulous time with them.

a teenage family walking through the woods on a early spring day mother and father and two daughter

Here is a testimonial from Maxine:-

The photo shoot was such an enjoyable and lovely experience. We all felt relaxed and at ease and had great fun!

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