For some reason… people leave my road then commission me!  This has happened with two families now in the past 3 months which is lovely for me to see them again!

Gabrielle and Tim I have known for a few years now…a beautiful family!  Charlie and Florence I have photographed at a local nursery over the last 2/3 years so the children know me very well.

The family moved recently… not far away though!  Then, I received a call from Tim.  “I want to give a photography shoot to Gabrielle for her birthday!”  So, I gift wrapped my vouchers with a purple envelope and red ribbon for Tim to give the present to Gabrielle.

The shoot took place in the summer and I was so looking forward to this as I knew I would have some wonderful images .. and I did!  I love the shot of Alfie above going downstairs with his camel and bunny…

Florence dressed up in her flamenco outfit that her grandparents had bought her with matching hair accessory that I was particularly envious of!

Charlie the eldest loves the mini allotment at the bottom of the garden – he was so keen to show me the courgettes, cucumbers and peas!


I had such a wonderful time with the children who are lovely and polite but also loads of fun too!  The images speak for themselves…  I haven’t put them into a montage this time as I wanted each image to speak for itself.

These images were taken right at the end of the session as the children were following me around the house… We all ended up in Charlie’s bedroom and I look back at these images and giggle!  I particularly love Alfie in the middle copying his brother Charlie!

Many thanks to Gabrielle and Tim for such a great shoot and for making me feel so welcome!

Images are copyrighted to Annie Armitage 2011 – Please do not copy!

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