I used to work in Richmond for Compaq Computer Limited back in the heady 90’s and how I loved it so….  I had a desk with a river view and a great team around me – work was something to look forward to everyday. Whenever we have reunions we all say how we took those days for granted….

So… I love it when I just have to go through the park from Kingston to Richmond gate.  I love Richmond!

Hazel, Justin and their 3 boys, Calum, Ben and Angus live not too far from the glorious “Turner view” from Richmond hill looking over the Thames and Petersham meadow.

We started the shoot in an outside space for the informal images and then back at their home for more portraits of the boys and to take shots of the fabulous garden.  Justin has worked incredibly hard to produce a wonderful garden which has had much thought into the planting and the results are stunning!

Calum loves books and Warhammer. Ben is into his football with Lampard being one of his favourite footballers and Angus loves playing with his cars.  One thing that they all do together is play with lego which was so lovely to see!

Images are copyrighted to Annie Armitage 2011, All rights reserved – Do not copy.

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