Sister Snog #FF First Friday Lunch – March

I have been a member of Sister Snog for approximately 7 years (I think?).  What is Sister Snog you may ask? It is an exclusive women's networking club for successful entrepreneurs.  It is run by Hela and Annie and they have a mission that women through friendship have...

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New York New York

What was the purpose of the trip? New York New York as the song goes! I’m a huge fan of self-development and every year I take time out to seek inspiration from being in a different place and to learn new techniques from other professional photographers. It always...

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Headshot photography – Surrey

Stay ahead with a professional headshot Most people shy away from having their photograph taken for business purposes. That’s why so many people end up looking stiff and uncomfortable in their profile shots! I understand how daunting it can be, so by taking time to...

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Corporate photography – capturing your business – London

Capturing your business There are many reasons why companies need high-quality photographs of their staff: social media, corporate websites, company newsletters and press enquires are just a few examples. Corporate images need to capture the culture of the company and...

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Looking For Baby Photography Surrey

Baby photography in the park Those first few months will pass in the blink of an eye. Your new-born might keep you up at night, but during the day, you’ll be proud of him/her and love spending time them. It’s the very nature of parenthood to want to savour those early...

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Help Find Baby Photography In Surrey

Baby photos in Surrey It’s natural for a parent to want to acquire plenty of photographs of their little boy or girl in the first weeks, months and years of their life. Babies grow up fast, and those first years will positively fly by, so it’s important to capture...

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Baby Photography Surrey

Baby photography in Surrey Bringing a baby into the world and having a newborn to look after is a special time in your life. It’s a time you’ll want to remember and document somehow. Your baby is only a baby for a short period of time. Before you know it, he or she...

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Summer Days

Isn't it exciting that summer is almost here!  I am so looking forward to children running through meadows on beautiful days.  The image above was taken 3 years ago and it still is very dear to me as it reminds me of my childhood.  Particularly the hot summers of 1976...

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