I wouldn’t say that I have been a great traveller. Looking back however, I know that I would have loved to have backpacked through South America and Asia in my younger days.  I am at my happiest when I am experiencing new adventures and taking images which are not predictable.  I love to see things in a way that people haven’t seen before.  Taking photos on holiday is a delight for me and to see them displayed at home gives me so much pleasure.

The galleries are presently being set up and you will be able see highlights in the different geographical sectors, with a link to a more comprehensive choice of images.  It is my initial goal to sell Giclee fine art prints which you can frame yourself and then at a later date I will provide bespoke framing.  This is a new adventure for me and I am looking forward to being able to share.

Click HERE for the link to the galleries to view and purchase.


Rome is my most favourite city in the world.  It was always on my “to do” list to visit and I first went in 1998 and the following year 1999.  It is in fact where my love of photography started as I took with me four Ilford black and white film disposable cameras and the results were basic and grainy but I still have those prints to this day. 

After my son was born, I didn’t have an opportunity to go again until my 50th Birthday in 2014.  Going back, there were many changes.  The first we had Peter who was then 14, I had a photography business and so it was important to me to capture Rome the way that I see it. On the first evening, I fell and hurt my foot which I found out on my return home was fractured.  I had been determined to carry on, so I hobbled around Rome.  It did mean that I took my time, and my patience was rewarded.  The images featured were taken at all the major sites, Piazza della Rotunda, Piazza Navona, the Vatican City and of course the Colusseum. Click HERE to see the gallery


Put Argentina on your “to visit” list!  I only visited Buenos Aires and out to an Estancia for 10 days in total but it wasn’t long enough.  There is so much of this wonderful country to see and I am looking forward to going back.  I went in 2014 to spend time photographing Buenos Aires for a personal project.  I did a blog post everyday detailing my experience by showing my favourite images. These images show the colour and vibrancy of Palermo and La Boca as well as the sombre but majestic Recoleta which contains many elaborate marble mausoleums.  

I am very grateful to both Foto-Ruta and BA Cultural Concierge for arranging the most interesting itineraries for me while I was there.  Click HERE to view the gallery. 


Burano is a place I accidentally visited! I had been in Venice in 2014 but was so overwhelmed in the three days I was there that there was no time to visit neighbouring islands such as Murano and Burano.  My return visit in 2018 was because of a photography course I was attending. A couple of my fellow delegates suggested that we go to the islands as we had time to spare on the first day. I hadn’t done my homework at all so it was really a very lovely surprise to see the colourful buildings, the flowers and canals.  Obviously, it had many tourists but it was still a delight to go.  If you go to Venice please make sure that you make time to go to Burano.  You do become inspired by colour and as soon as I came home I painted some garden chairs lime green.  It is good to have colour in our lives.  There are no black and white images amongst this collection.  Click HERE to see the gallery. 


I have always had a fascination with New York City.  I am sure it must be because of all the movies and television series that I have watched over the years.  I had the opportunity to go on a photography course in February 2017 and packed for very cold weather however, there were beautiful sunny days and sky was so blue that was reflected in the skyscrapers.

I arrived a couple of days before the course to do sight seeing and to take photos.  There was part of me that was apprehensive of what I was going to come out with as NYC has be photographed so many times and I didn’t want to let myself down at all.  I have street images, iconic views from The Rock overlooking the Empire State building, rainy evening shots and also cloud reflections in skyscrapers.  Certainly looking forward to going back as there is so much more that I need to see and experience. Click HERE to view the gallery.


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